Monday, April 11, 2016

The Outback Chronicles (Spring Cleaning / Spring Training Edition)

 Once again it's on!! we're outback cutting crass!! this is another edition of the outback chronicles!!

 This is the spring cleaning / spring training / spring vacationing edition!! like Trump vs GOP delegate rules it's rough out here!!  the Lord we had to petition!! school is back in session but jokers are cutting class!! now this is the response to these and those. 

I'm trying to get over the hump, tasks? I can't delegate to fools!! of course the devil and his advocates  will oppose!! that's the word from the old school baptist preacher. 

Bully pulpits and stumps were full of fools!! like I said,  of course the devil will oppose!!  will the minister from the new school reach ya? 

O-Zone will administer poetic justice, just a pundit with a drumkit!!   a dude is breaking the rules, but he's supposed to be cleaning up this yard.

Drones fly overhead plus jets from Hartsfield Jackson invade my airspace but we're on the case /  but accused of being a shade tree mechanic with defense mechanisms or tools,  after being physically and mentally scarred! 

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