Thursday, April 21, 2016

The I -20 Chronicles (Another Throwback / Thirsty Thursday Edition)

Here we go again / once again it's on, per this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday!! history is in the making!! it's  another episode of the I-20 Chronicles. 

The saga / struggle continues!!  your dude is still hungry and thirsty,  spiritual warfare is still going down!!  even though Harriet Tubman will soon be on the twenty,  we fight those responsible for these and those. 

What's up brother man?  I still get breakbeat scientific per this Underground Railroad 2.0  type of business!! the old school Baptist preacher told me the devil will oppose,  I might have mentioned that. 

What's up brother man? I was dipping down I-20 in Atlanta listening to the Underground Resistance from Detroit, but who filled the void? an old fool on the Harley Davidson passed me up listening to Strokin by Clarence Carter, still baptized by the fire and brimstone:  who paid attention to that? 

An old rule not followed? from Detroit to Flint Michigan check the bad water!! meanwhile  setting the street on fire was mentioned by the *auto tune using rapper*  heard coming out of the old school Chevy Monte Carlo over here on Candler Road in Decatur.

.... Plus an old rule was broken when the rapper tried to croon like he was Teddy Pendergrass or somebody!!  now they say I have the mode of a hater. 

...That rappers doctrine blasted in front of the megachurch that was just letting out the congregation. 

Like Trump vs Cruz, guns clap metaphorically due to the good vs evil confrontation. 

Meanwhile cons mentioned opiate and barbiturate sales and consumption over at South Dekalb Mall, they even mentioned robbing Jose for his bricks. 

Product from the drug tunnel found from Tijuana to San Diego?  no cartoons like Go Diego Go!!  it will be similar to ISIS or Boko Haram confrontations!! meanwhile I'm doing this for my constituents,  check this breakbeat science your dude kicks. 

My conduct has retro-futuristic connotations per Throwback / Thirsty Thursday timeframes...

Corrupt practices will make me go ballistic per Sonic Assault Violent / Vicious mixes; being hungry and thirsty enhanced the ongoing mind games..

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