Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles ( Oh Yes!! Another Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition)

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta is still the business even on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, so what's the perspective, positive or negative? once again it's on!

Its going down like the New York Primary AKA Subway Series aka Super Tuesday; but from our perspective?   breakbeat scientific business is still handled,  once again it's on.

The business was still hit up by vandals, it's out of control as ear shattering gunshots exploded!!  actually verbally,  and even metaphorically. 

The business was corporate /  personal / religious and political:  the Clintons told you who a super predator would be. 

Charlamagne Tha God was even congratulated!! Damn!!  I see it's on me to continue to do what I do.

The Son of God mentioned in  Matthew20:16  many are called, but few chosen!! even though the devil is opposing? I'm  still dipping down I -20 in Atlanta!!  I couldn't front I had to act like I knew.

It's not odd for me to dip down I-20 in Atlanta letting the music play,  listening to Billy Paul per #JazzAppreciationMonth:  these days? also playing the piano like Les Paul played the guitar..

It's not odd for me to dip down I-20 in Atlanta per this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday or any day!! sometimes the attitude is foul, I'll be on some *back in the day*  stuff!!  Retro-Futuristic / Intergalactic!! taking a look at it / how long / how far?

What's the deal with me and my peeps? some wonder!! my hands blistering from work put in due to blue collar ways!! meanwhile in Washington protestors mention a Democracy Awakening..

Real with me and my peeps? I doubt it!! to some like the Goldman Sachs mortgage probe  it's all about a dollar!!  they're using new and improved methods!! revealing the hypocrisy / the faking...

What's The Prognosis? who's knowing the drill with me as I dip down I-20? more mysterious than an X-File?  some couldn't take it!! so they went on with their bad selves!!

Lethal doses from the information overload? Some might be able to feel me, seeing others with enough rope to hang themselves.

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