Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Game Changer

I heard what was said, plus I saw what was done!! like the LA Clippers minus Blake Griffin and Chris Paul its a game changer. 

Now the mothership is rolling down I-20 in Atlanta,  I'm accused of being a Day Tripper per the Beatles!! rolling in the hooptie listening to Ronnie Laws Friends and Strangers

The danger zone is jumping!! ATLiens are tripping out in these streets cuz!! constituents ignored the no compete clause in the contract. 

Wannabe divas rocked girdles aka waist trainers and wannabe macks jumped hurdles like Edwin Moses!! they're  *so so def*  in pimp suits from New York Fashion at South Dekalb Mall:  they're trying to make contact.

 Out There? it was almost a game changer but we had work to do like the Isley's!!  we found out what the prognosis is, now were ready to Transcend and Transform...

Out There?  it was almost a game changer when we spotted other travelers!!  time revealed per Debarge, we found out they weren't the norm....

Out There?  it was almost a game changer!! we were caught in the storm  and couldn't find our way out..

Out There!! on the stormfront?   it was like rallies at Stone Mountain Park, how did it play out?

Rolling down I-85 in Atlanta, funk will play out of the hooptie as we continue this Galaxy Quest..

Soul controlling!! check out these #ThursdayThoughts as we continue making moves, found where the truth will be as I continue my quest..

Rolling on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday still hungry and thirsty, there's no rest for the weary!!  Prince is gone but they still throw shade at him due to pain medication...

Rolling!! we acknowledge the game changer like Ted Cruz and
Carly Fiorina should after the Atlantic primaries, but we go on with these!! we stick to the original plan but we make adjustments due to the indications..

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