Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Doing What I Do On A Terrible / Terrific Tuesday

Blessed to see this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday (what's the perspective?) I was told to keep calm and continue to do what I do. 

Stressed by crook combos on this so called Super Tuesday like Cruz and Kasich, as they act brand new with me!! even in the midst of the storm I was told to have faith and act like I knew.  

Don't get me wrong!! Ignorance is bliss,  but it wasn't that kind of party. 

Ecological ignorance will alter the fate, now security files incident reports after the drama jumped off jokers even tried to start with me.

Ecological footprints, along with carbon ones plus fingerprints and security camera footage were found at the scene of the crime: damn!! insecurities in the sport caused some players to fall off. 

Socio-psychological factors had some acting a fool with it!!  after capers were pulled securities were exchanged for outfits from Jimmy Jazz and New York Fashion!!  like the OKC Thunder those players were balling out of control / going off!! 

Securities and Exchange Commission plus the Justice Department were going off on those Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo type of players: please!! they won't go under but they'll have to pull up, act like you knew!!

A cure for this like a Diana Ross Love Hangover?   going for the gold man!!  like Usain Bolt I continue to do what I do. 

A cure for this? not taking a loss but the game is over for jokers that act brand new...

A cure for this? the elders and ancestors told me to remain calm and act like I knew. 

Advice taken: acting like I knew this but not faking the funk as I continue to do what I do..

The saga / struggle continues on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; (what's the perspective?) funk is dropped along with this good word as we continue doing what we do... 


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