Friday, April 15, 2016

Borderline / On The Edge Rants and Raves PT.6

 We didn't quit and we didn't stop!! unlike the Clinton-Sanders Democratic Debate we're out here on the borderline with these rants and raves...

We didn't quit and didn't stop!! I rolled up in the hooptie listening to George Clinton rocking a skully and a Barry Sanders throwback jersey!! accused of being out of order with mine!! they say your dude misbehaves!!

We have the beats that'll rock raves or other sets!! plus O-Zone never quits or forfeits, clearance rack epiphanies are dropped during this spring sale...

It's hot in these streets in more ways than one!!  winter merchandise is on the clearance rack,  plus due to crooked dice and marked cards gamblers out for a fast buck make sure that you'll fail..

Had to admit: I'm out here hunting and gathering like the Huntsman Winter's War but coping strategies fail me and them!! mentioned earlier, they said I was a shadetree mechanic with unorthodox tools: duct tape, super glue, WD40? strange!!

Had to admit:  due to those defense mechanisms I fall back sometimes!! but now I'm back with beats that bang.

Back in the danger zone? who snitched? now they're like Ted Cruz saying I have New York values, defended by Donald Trump when I came back on the grounds.

Outside the strike zone?  oh yes!! that's where the pitches were!! curve balls and sliders, but I was called out on strikes anyway:  but on what grounds?

Like Verizon strikes attitudes were foul!! some are out of order in the ATL as dude ditches the getaway vehicle after the caper is pulled!!  damn!! now I hear hounds and helicopters.

Surprising some; the attitude is foul, out of order with mine? due to the conditioning?  bipolar due to the polar vortex and the sport being complex? cured by preachers, politicians or doctors?

Surprising some!! borderline / on the edge rants and raves are dropped!! also petitioning the Lord: Lord Help / Lord Help!! that's the battle cry!!

Weapons? comprised of the drum and  this good word; knowledge is dropped!! in spiritual warfare a dude misbehaves? please!! that's a damn lie!!

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