Sunday, April 24, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (Rolling!! But Not On A Treasure Hunt)

Mystic voyages are taken down I-20 in Atlanta!! previously? like my other ATL constituents we were on a treasure hunt. 

Systematic encouragement made us pursue the loot / the money,  plus for pleasure we would pull a stunt. 

Systematic discouragement made some visit the Bluff near Vine City or they'll get cute and pull a blunt out, plus a tall boy aka an adult beverage. 

How were some working it? no encouragement from the street committee, now some are caught up in the system / matrix with no benefits or leverage.

Some had the late Percy Sledge syndrome,  of when a man loves a woman!! they we're told to keep it pimping /  play on player!!

Due to hate?  some felt no benevolence, now caught out in the late great Prince's Purple Rain covered by Bruce Springsteen!! they'll have to say a prayer. 

The devil is busy!!  during debatable circumstances are we being built or torn down? I'm observing the scene from KKK rallies in Stone Mountain Georgia to Topeka Kansas where four federal agents were shot  during the reign of terror!! 

Next level business is handled as we dip down I-20 in Atlanta!! meanwhile in Centennial Park jokers celebrated 4-20,  they had their share.

The next devil will tell you there's the proof you were looking for!! similar to a pirate counting their spoils at the end of the treasure hunt?

But some of it is hazardous material!!  pain came with the pleasure, the fans were spoiled, but there's no home runs just a bunt. 

What we have is spiritual as we continue to rebuke the regular scheduled programming!!

This dude continues to dip down I-20 in Atlanta with the sound bumping, he wasn't slow jamming... 

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