Friday, December 09, 2022

Lights Were Blinking On The Instrument Panel...PT.1

It was similar to the check engine light in the old hooptie; I can see lights blink on the instrument panel; damn!! now The Mothership has landed..

Back down to earth son like Boz Skaggs / Dirty Lowdown; seeing how it goes down per Ferguson and NYC chokeholds; brothas are taken for granted...

Views slanted by the media?  of course!! they're part of the apparatus!! spreading propaganda..

Set up by the media per so called reality shows? R.I.P Earl Hayes and Stephanie Moseley; so!! who's the next to be victimized by the gossip, lies and slander?

Lights blink on the instrument panel; Looking for an answer!!  damn!! It was right in front of me!! all I had to do was look up!!!

Prayed to G-O-D in the clouds above where I was!! I was out there like the Mars Rover trying to solve the mountain riddle until I had to book up!!!

*Able To Solve The Riddle* now I'm back up in this thing!! back down to earth...

"Match's this brotha's persona"  humble; a brotha's down to earth!! .

*Salt of the earth* providing flavor!! I woke up like the New Horizon probe on Pluto now check out how it'll go!! check out the funk after The Mothership Has Landed!

A brotha was able to solve the riddle; maybe somebody else will understand!!

Oh I'm still stranded on earth!! there's no reality divorce in this complex sport!!

Inspiration was received from an unlikely source but I stay on point due to CIA post 9/11 torture reports


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