Monday, December 05, 2022

Character And Passion (Part Five)

 Extending cordial greetings on this Monday morning, y'all should know it's a blessing to be here!

But we know how the sport can go;  check out the ongoing drama / intrigue from the apparatus / league stressing us out here!

Don't get me wrong, character and passion are shown but morale is low, your dude is witnessing cords of dark existence.

Doused in grief? due to this and that episode that goes sideways my constituents are feeling some kind of way but still showing persistence..
..with a belief that its all going to be alright! character and passion is shown believing there's a better kismet. Veterans in the game, old school and not feeling old, but bold! somewhat rejuvenated!

Veterans in the game knowing "it ain't nothing nice" we're still hated, feeling the vibes per this Warnock vs Walker senate race down here in Georgia.

We're broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 down here in Atlanta! some say like a warlock with hazardous material but what we have is spiritual! we're trying to rock showing character and passion so don't start with a brotha!

Coming through rocking the fitted hat and dark glasses; behind those eyes? oh! for my people its just crazy love!

The purpose? class is in session as character and passion shown when dropping this breakbeat science! something they can feel, they'll be touched!

The purpose? trying to uncloak the dark mystery of time and space while we're running this race!

It'll be a confirmation of the future, present or the past / history! character and passion is exhibited please believe me we're on the case!

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