Tuesday, December 27, 2022

They Need To Recognize The Pattern (Part Four)

 As 2022 comes to a close, (actually the science dropped is appropriate for any time frame) some will need to recognize the pattern. 

The devil will oppose was the word from the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville, reality is already bruising and battering!

It was rough out there for some of us who were waiting in the dark, but when the lights fade I can see that star.

The northern one, the one were wishing on per Rose Royce? we recognize the pattern after being inspired by stories about the Eastern Star... ...aka The Star Of Bethlehem not the Masonic Order Of The Eastern Star per some raising the bar, now are some breaking north like the old slogan? told to make one wish, told them I have many. An unexpected invitation granted to receive blessings leading to fulfillment? sounds good so we'll see.

We'll see what the deal will be as we deal with this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday after the Christmas holiday.

We'll see what the real will be, as things can go either way; we're recognizing the pattern, per this holiday season noticing people are feeling some kind of way.

But we recognized the pattern like they need to do, now we're ready to roll we're on our way! between now and then I hope to see some kind of progress.

Maybe tomorrow like the Jackson Five, knowing some will shuck and jive per these interactions! we're out here searching for the thread that connects.

But pain and sorrow will be introduced by quarrelsome naysayers, recognize the pattern! they wouldn't stop the madness.

Didn't let it consume me, your dude kept on doing me!! opposition? that's what a dude expects.

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