Thursday, December 01, 2022

Character And Passion (Part Three)

 Once again its on as we show character and passion celebrating life on this Thankful Thursday; y'all should know I'm going to say it's a blessing to be here!

Thanksgiving Day was celebrated a week ago around this time like Black Friday and Cyber Monday but I'm still going on with mine ready to roll I'm on my way, actually this science dropped is appropriate for any time frame so it's all game as we take it there. 

Of course we know these jokers aren't playing fair; we're out here where the winds are blowing  / rain falling; jokers are chasing another storm. 

Serenity calling, but the drama keeps falling down on these characters supposedly showing passion in there endeavors!! the reign began with a drizzle  but the behavior is not the norm. 

It seems we're falling down a rabbit hole but that lighthouse in the dark raised hope. 

We're not done,  rabid souls were energized the character and passion kept them going, at least for now so we'll cope. 

We're not done, Throwback Thursday reflecting show us how far we've come fueled by the character and passion. 

But "it ain't nothing nice" there's still work to be done; with the devil and his advocates? we're still clashing!

For a lot of us? class is still in session, but I noticed a sudden flash of light really startled some of them.

More drama? damn! I mentioned it earlier its here, even with serenity calling. Maybe showing character and passion with these poetic melodies plus the sound dropped by O-Dizzle will provide poetic justice. Information / Inspiration provided but it seemed some are not interested, even shadow banned it they're done / didn't trust us.

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