Friday, December 16, 2022

Character And Passion (Part Ten)

 That Brotha O? a Scorpio so y'all should know how it go! he had a stubborn character, he had a passion!

Check the flow, opposed by the thought, fashion and morality police! similar to writers on Twitter suspended by Elon Musk? we'll keep clashing!

But on this Fabulous Friday class is in session from dawn to dusk; but I didn't trust that cat with the Men's Wearhouse suit on smelling like Musk cologne with the wayward smile; just a fussbudget.

He reminded me of Donald Trump, just an agitator / a grifter now coming through with NFTs and of course the drama is over the budget. Its hard to get over the hump like that HumpDay Extravaganza with that brand of character and passion plus the truth? they're trashing, a debater of irrelevant issues during the exchange! We're trying to move forward with beats that bump plus drop this good word but they'll try to revive past issues supposedly resolved aided by a Federalist Society Supreme Court; damn, it's just strange!

It's strange like she is mentioned by Cameo and I don't like it but check the Flashback Friday reference!

Check these danger zone excursions by Brotha O showing character and passion in a world that's lacking benevolence!

In this danger zone the devil is in the details but the mothership still sails but damn! like abandoned stores, malls and even churches due to the pandemic I thought they closed the temple of dreams!
Especially after the nightmare confirmed suspicions about off the rails character and passion that led to Trump insurrections per so called stolen elections and various other plots and schemes. Along with the talking walls, radio and television programming there's more off the rails character and passion a lot of brainwashing. It was flowing like liquid, didn't agree with it? elimination, incarceration or even a lot of waterboarding!

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