Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Character And Passion (Part Nine)

 We're trying to get over the hump per HumpDay Extravaganza type of business, supreme courage and maximum strength is needed...

...along with character and passion; in this world it seems Carlos Santana type Love Supreme is lacking!!  from Trump insurrectionists to a crooked / rogue Federalist Supreme Court?  with evil forces we're clashing, they want to see us defeated!

It's a new day, the challenge? we'll meet it! this day? blessed to see it as the morning dew has settled on the holiday season poinsettias. 

It's a new day! the challenge? we'll meet it with character and passion as we check the clock; is it playtime for an innovator? 

What it do? what it does? life?  it's hectic check the perspective  but I'm staying focused, unswerving!

Who would have known? everybody is going through it  they weren't checking for me; I wasn't spotted out on I-20 in Atlanta swerving / the scene some weren't observing. 

Not denied! ready to roll / I'm on my way catch me out there, those intergalactic journeys were a must. 

My character and passion is fortified  / rejuvenated! I'm Intoxicated by those sunlit wisps of stardust. 

Moments of peace? my character and passion? fortified  / rejuvenated! oh yes, so they're truly valued!

Inexpensive memories of prior victories joined us for the ride; of course! they're also valued!

Expensive memories not minimized, can't lie to myself or hide them they're major ingredients to the character and passion I try to exhibit. 

Losses / lessons? I'm trying not to stress them as we keep it moving trying to get over the hump, trying to deal with it!

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