Friday, September 09, 2022

You Don’t Quit / You Don’t Stop!! (Part Nine)

 On this Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here? we’re trying to keep it moving, per the advice of the old school Baptist preacher  Rev WT Shumake up in Louisville!

He told us you don’t quit / you don’t stop! sadly he just transitioned, may he rest in paradise!! but based on reflections on this Flashback Friday of how far we’ve come? that’s the real deal!

Oh yeah! the struggle is real, but you don’t quit / you don’t stop! sometimes easier said than done! after the struggle got way too real I was ready to roll out!! I said let me go! I told them I’m through, I’m over it!

Oh yeah! the struggle is real! I left in a hurry, up on Buford Highway in Atlanta soon crashing into the monolith! Reckless, it’ll shatter the quiet; I was like damn! how the hell did that thing get in this strip mall? Damn! here we go again, back in the day? like Trump Insurrection charges I was caught up in another pitfall.

The situation was pitiful / critical but here I am today based on blessings from the Lord and the you don’t quit / you don’t stop philosophy!

Per Flashback Friday? it might be similar to the KRS One / Scott LaRock BDP Philosophy!

You don’t quit / you don’t stop but of course, the hustle knock will be prominent; when you’re trying to put it down as voices of rage shatter the quiet night!
Doubt will arise as the familiar spirit or specter made a spectacle of themselves; soon it led to stage fright! I’m not surprised, some will self medicate with a drink plus with meth or the weed as so called soothing fires were lit, a calming influence? You don’t quit and you don’t stop was the debate from their peers throughout the years but soon their minds played tricks on them per the Geto Boys Flashback Friday reference!! voices were heard; hmm, something just slid through the conduit!

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