Friday, September 30, 2022

Sword Of Truth Illuminations (Part Nine)

 Bearing witness on this Fabulous Friday as the sword of truth swings in winds of change  providing visions / illuminations!

Hurricane Ian blowing in winds of change in more ways than one? check the economical, physical, spiritual and mental situations! 

Authorities were like the January 6th / House Select Committee questioning Ginni Thomas as they searched for information / indications after the caper was pulled; please tell me this; is there any loyalty?

The chief perpetrator asked that question, trying to flex like he was royalty; he had NDAs aka cryptic notes of secret harmony.. ..for signature; sword of truth illuminations? all for one and one for all he declared! But he wasn’t fair with it per that narrative as haunting threads of mayhem left them all scared!

He wasn’t fair with it per being another agent of the apparatus, Brotha O can bear witness per Flashback Friday reflections!

They weren't fair with it, but drama was local / national / international and intergalactic as Brotha O used the sound; per Flashback Friday he exploited Parliament like Mothership Connections!

Back down to earth, did I need to lower expectations due to Sword Of Truth Illuminations? oh! it’s usually hectic / chaotic but nothing seemed out of pocket / out of place except that taxi. Everyone on Earth uses Uber or Lyft it seems, a Yellow Cab leaving the scene? it’s a mystery if you ask me! The mystery of you revealed? priorities shifted when the sword of truth started swinging, the weave is unwoven! Haunting threads of mayhem? revealed per sword of truth illuminations, it’s you who put them in motion!

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