Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Sword Of Truth Illuminations ( Part Two) It Is What It Is

 Check out the sword of truth illuminations per this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way! it's  based on the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces revelations; reaping what we sow? like they always say it is what it is!

Mentioned earlier, the sword of truth is still carried in so many falsehoods, some of them deliberate like Trump insurrectionists renderings! as the 21st Anniversary of the 9-11 situation passed the January 6th Committee is trying to find out what the deal is! 

A lot of math to process, questions will stump some even on a multiple choice test!  catch us out here bearing witness to a broken hearted revelation.

O-Zone? the sword of truth is packed like these jokers with AR-15’s promoted by Daniel Defense? check the circumstances, the story was twisted due to the instigation.. ..from bottom feeders; illuminations reveal that alt / shift deleting history was the plan. No more yesterdays? this good word dropping / rumination similar to the Book Of Lamentations? issuing a warning about damned if you do or don’t situations! but at the end of the day some won’t understand.

This good word is like sitting on the witness stand with the sword of truth in my hand; based on the illuminations some say we’re like Morris Day and the Time so cool / too cool, living like it’s forever autumn..
 ...With the Fall Equinox on deck what did they expect? with each season passing? we’re maintaining.. 

..that same demeanor; keeping that same old feeling per Side Effect; Crusaders affiliates! check us out we're acting extra but not over the top! Calmness? along with the sword of truth it’s a weapon we’ll brandish until the madness stops.

You don’t quit and you don’t stop was the knowledge dropped earlier, it’ll be the kind of work we do!

It is what it is, but due to sword of truth illuminations naysayers ask us, who’ll work with you?

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