Sunday, September 04, 2022

"The Recovered Mixes Vol.2" (All Vinyl 2003 DJ Set) by DJ Spivey

 Sunday Jazz Continues on this wet Sunday afternoon in Atlanta, but the science dropped is appropriate for any time period!

The Labor Day Holiday is tomorrow, many are in holiday spirit or festive move! a message that O-Zone will approve, can you dig it?

We’re trying to O-Dog Day Party with it but still keep it in a Jazz mode, so we won’t go into spaz mode!

We’re out here blending soul, Jazz, funk and soul music, it’s conducive to uplifting the spirit so we won’t go into spaz mode!

Truth be told? oh yes, it's being done with the sound per"The Recovered Mixes Vol.2" (All Vinyl 2003 DJ Set) by DJ Spivey!!

Truth be told? he's setting it off!! check out the playlist and the mix, the brother is kicking it!!  all the way  live is how it'll be!!

0:00:00 Pria Negra (Original Mix) by Ivan Iacobucci

 0:04:51 Nature Boy (Matty's II Deep Way) by Matthias Heilbronn

 0:09:30 Don't remember the Title?

 0:11:21 Dawn (Distant Music Vocal Mix) by Jon Cutler feat. Sarah Anne Webb

 0:14:01 Don't remember the Title?

 0:16:49 Beloved by Osunlade 

 0:20:55 Don't remember the Title? 

 0:25:29 Before The Dawn (Original Mix) by Gene Hunt

 0:27:46 Mysterious Vibes (Joey Negro Remix) by The Blackbirds

 0:32:01 Carnival by Andy Caldwell

 0:35:31 Good Vibrations (Karri's Mad Mix) by Roy Ayers & Kerri Chandler

 0:40:02 Ease Your Mind (Main Mix) by Los Amigos Invisibles  

0:43:43 Don't remember the Title? 

 0:46:39 Lift Every Voice (Mousse T Remix) by Jasper Street Company

 0:51:23 One Starry Night (Cloudy Sky Remix) by Kevin Yost

 0:53:36 So Sad by The Rurals 

 0:56:14 Don't remember the Title? 

 1:00:56 Pride (Main Mix) by Osunlade & Nadirah Shakoor

 1:03:48 Don't remember the Title?

 1:06:38 Music is My Friend by Kerri Chandler & Arnold Jarvis

 1:11:13 Hanging On by Isis

 1:14:18 Even Though by Christopher Gate-Ah McCray

 1:17:17 Don't remember the Title?


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