Thursday, September 15, 2022

Sword Of Truth Illuminations (Part Three)

 We’re going into week two of the NFL season but the Green Bay Packers have stayed busy since 2020, Aaron Rodgers trying to trick people into thinking he was vaccinated!

Plus per the 2020 election on up to January 6th 2021? that Green Bay Sweep was on as Trump insurrectionists collaborated!

Plus in Mississippi the GOP and Brett Favre hated, funds for poor people were diverted for their own use; plus Jackson has no water.  

What will the style be? the sword of truth is swinging illuminating behind the scene actions!  now roaches are scattering because somebody turned the light on!

Right on brother right on! catch the Throwback Thursday terminology! carrying the sword of truth is rough but some are like a politician; they were smooth, maintaining an elegant balance!

It’s a rough job, per sword of truth illuminations GOP operatives lack the skills per Ron DeSantis or even Marjorie Taylor Greene as Halloween like cobwebs and whispers of evil doing haunt the palace! Others show malice! like Trump taking classified documents to Mar-A-Lago more than dirty little secrets are soon exposed! Foul is the situation, some are stumped by questions on the test per the sword of truth illuminations but in the midst of so many falsehoods that were deliberate some remained composed.

In our situation? beats that bump that were composed are exposed as digital crate digging continues! the extraterrestrial dropped in to show us how the funk should go but the way back home was lost per them being smoked out affecting their short term memory.
No Google search! can’t get over the hump! they were way way out here off of I-20 in Atlanta now backtracking, follow the stardust into the city? Extraterrestrial mess bro! per the HumpDay Extravaganza they looked to the west though, impressed by the glorious sunset.. …while they’re here on earth, per this Thankful Thursday they see what it’s all worth; maybe they’ll catch a ride back to the moon on Artemis.

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