Monday, September 19, 2022

Sword Of Truth Illuminations (Part Four)

 Swinging the sword of truth, on this Monday morning! we're broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!! chilling out watching NYC Point Gods while others paid homage and respect to Queen Elizabeth! the illuminations are frightening and enlightening!  many are bearing witness!

Wringing the necks of the uncouth that were "buking and scorning"; like Russians rushing into Ukraine their manipulations caved in when confronted by the realness!

Even though we're just trying to maintain we know what the deal is, jokers even told me I’m a suspect! in places like the so called Hall Of Justice up in Louisville they told me “authorities will whisper your name.”

That's what I was told when the system tried to swing its sword of truth, supposedly called justice but is it just us? my kind catching the blame! I was told I was a lost soul, told to slow my roll; needing to release my final words? I keep healing through the sound plus bleeding aloud through this good word / these poems, spilling these words!

I keep dealing with those using words as weapons it’s not just guns! they’re straight from a twisted wonderland...
 ....or maybe Mamby Pamby Land mentioned by the Geico Sarge so who's large and in charge? while I swing this sword of truth with these illuminations they’re telling twisted stories I couldn’t understand!
Now they’re fitting the description! rolling like a Trump Insurrectionist, just a lost soul with Machiavellian Machinations? Supposedly the chosen one per QAnon aspirations like Trump with the MAGA Republicans but they’re just full of fabrications.

Check us out as beats that bump accompany these sword of truth illuminations, shedding light on situations!

Check us out on this Monday morning or any time frame, this science is appropriate for all situations!

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