Friday, September 23, 2022

Sword Of Truth Illuminations (Part Six)

 The sword of truth is still swinging as we do our due diligence even on this Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here!

Illuminations are bringing flashes of brilliance / insight, hopefully we can get it right without dealing with the thought, fashion or even the morality police that are out here!

These situations? expected though! even when respect was shown per the last rites some feel some other kind of way it seems.

Illuminations per that sword of truth? per Flashback Friday reflections on past episodes disrespect is shown by others per the damnation. Blasphemous flutes per Hydra were played accompanied by ill organ riffs with lullabies of silent screams. If you ask us? disputes were inevitable the way some ran rampant on this earth! fights even broke out amongst the demons per Juice WRLD, it’s a sad situation.

Sword Of Truth Illuminations in the midst of so many falsehoods, many that were deliberate; some residents are testing false positive in these hoods!

Of course they’re uncouth, rolling like corporations causing inflation raising the price of their goods..

.. and services; but check how we swerve with this good word as naysayers question us asking is this poetry of the darkest secrets? it could be.
Check out these sword of truth illuminations on this first Fabulous Friday in fall y’all, these could be the lyrics to my song! Fall Equinox renderings! dark secrets and song lyrics? both concepts? some will say it’s a balanced disarray! Both concepts! blatant and discreet with it but my lament? overthinking that I’m probably doing it all wrong!

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