Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hectic / Chaotic PT.6 (But We Keep Rocking It)

  Not trying to judge anyone but I'm just saying!!  the truth hurts!!  now some want to boycott the debate like Donald Trump

Knowledge is dropped on them!!  check out this good word and the beats will thump.

 This is the rebuttal to the hectic / chaotic lifestyle!!  questions continue to stump the masses on the multiple choice test. 

The wrong bubbles are marked on the scan sheet,  soon the Matrix Architect will hit alt shift delete!!! but during the void God still blessed.

The wrong brothas bringing understanding from a street perspective,  showing character and passion? just letting some know life is hectic / chaotic when this class is in session.

This is how it's going down!  low funds but doing the knowledge going, using a stubborn character and showing passion when  after wisdom per  Ecclesiastes 7:11-14   , we stopped stressing.

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