Friday, January 29, 2016

Back On Schedule / I Guess It's Going Down!!

I'm back on schedule!! it's going down, but who's checking for us?  there's no praise for how we work this. 

Jokers say I'm ineligible like Maty Mauk kicked off the Missouri team;  so what's up?  jokers will plot and scheme, I wasn't even on the Slashdot team!!  reminded that the devil and his advocates were in charge of praise and worship. 

But I checked the Bible per Ezekiel 28:13, I know how devils work it even though it wasn't specificbut I was reminded that masses have been misled /  waiting in the dark from the Atlantic to the Pacific: they paid for worthless materials,  soon landfills are overflowing. 

...Plus mansions were built near landfills in South Dekalb Georgia,  stagnant water in the South and Flint Rivers are flowing. 

Similar to bad water in Flint Michigan or even  Porter Ranch gas leaks?

Accidents were waiting to happen aided by shady dealing,  contributing to the confusion!!  meanwhile this dude chills I wasn't down with these freaks.

Whodini said the Freaks Come Out At Night so I know these folks *ain't right* as  devils advocates make it happen per campaign contributions like the Koch Brothers

Devils advocates make it happen!!  campaign contributions for and against Donald Trump,  plus Bloomberg thinks about getting on the pulpit or stump!!  meanwhile in the hood / in the Bluff, on the block or stump is the Coke Boys or brothers. 

....Or contributions are made to the heroin epidemic / pandemic /  re-emergeing methadone clinics:  thought and fashion police are mad at these cynics.

..Because we're back on schedule, breakbeat scientific contributions are made out here in the mainstream of mathematics

We're back on schedule rebuking these fanatics that we're providing opposition...

I guess it's going down, we're still here sticking to the original recipe, we didn't change our position...

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