Monday, January 18, 2016

Truth Or Reality As We Know It

Playing the truth game!!  the sport is complex!! rookies / veterans and coaches feel the wrath. 

Word from the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers so what's up? check out these  Matthew 5: 1-48 salt / light and truth subliminals!!  once down with criminals as bookies were  sought by those betting as Armageddon approaches!!  who will do the math? 

Sonic Assaults drop insight!!  thoughts are collected like Christmas credit card debt,  even though retailers say sales didn't meet expectations. 

Faults and imperfections are accented!! products will be rejected!! soon on the clearance rack like these epiphanies,  enhanced by speculations.

Like the Seattle Seahawk fan beat down at the Arizona - Green Bay game spectators are soon caught up in these situations due to virtual reality participation!! so now the devil is laughing. 

...So is God,  because he knows the outcome!!  Seattle Seahawk like comebacks against Carolina Panthers are exercises in futility!!  meanwhile O-Dog will pull out the drum, while O-Zone has this good word:  check this math we bring. 

God is good!! in spiritual warfare we do battle against devil's advocates aka war hawks!!   oh yes!! we're still playing the truth game based on the truth or reality as we know it.

Providing proof in the game?  oh yes!!  some wanted their fifteen minutes of fame like an ATL reality show!! their hand in the game of cards / life?  they'll show it. 

Providing proof in the game? oh yes!!  at the MLK Commemorative Service  here in ATL Bernice King dropped knowledge on the masses about Empire / Scandal and other ongoing distractions!!

Arrogant and aloof in the game? naw man!! I'm at your service when I swerve with this!! check out the interactions!!

All up in the action!! playing the truth game, based on the truth or reality as we know it...

We'll get it cracking!! providing proof in the game when this good word is dropped along with the brand new funk!! we at least act like we know it!! 


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