Monday, January 11, 2016

Hectic / Chaotic PT. 2

 What's really going on? The calendar flipped over to 2016,  but the same drama flipped over too! 

Life is hectic / chaotic,  the system will get foul with ya!!  act like you knew! 

Look around to see what it do / what it does; no need for Obama's State of The Union address!!   you should be able to recognize the pattern. 

Looked down on earth after being spaced out, I had an intergalactic address!! it was  over by Pluto  / Mars and Saturn. 

Now the mothership has landed on earth; like an NFL playoff game that Donald Trump says is too soft I see reality is bruising and battering constituents. 

A brotha gets scientific,  usually in the breakbeat scientific spectrum!! but the situation is toxic like a meal from Chipotle's or maybe even Illegal Pete's!!  society is disrespecting like I was on opiates and barbiturates.

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