Thursday, January 21, 2016

Questionable Characters

It's going down!!  please!!  this is love or war, so who's fair with this? 

It's going down!! the whole game is shady!! like Vladimir Putin involved in poisonings in London the game is full of questionable characters. 

Flagrant agents we're disputing the truth!! they'll truth or dare us!!  they'll make you think you can work with this society. 

Flagrant agents play the truth game!! truth or reality as they know it? they won't share with us!!  agendas were like Kochs and the John Birch Society. 

Going back to Koch collaborating with Hitler!!  now Koch Brothers  protégés act bitter!!  they'll try to buy elections

Meanwhile others were going for broke:  rolling like  El Chapo or wannabes like the Coke Boys / brothers,  supposedly heavy hitters!! sales representatives standing at hood intersections. 

Like the Bluff in the ATL?   these *don't stop get it getters*  were calling your bluff,  failing weapons inspections!!   but there are no forthcoming sanctions like Iran or North Korea. 

Shady banking will lead to nuclear deals cut like Iran's and jokers will ignore the UN like North Korea. 

Shady banking discussed at the World Economic Forum or questionable characters will seize territory like ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

So what's up with it? we'll keep scoring on them like Golden State Warriors!! you know those questionable characters act contrary,  contributing to the mass hysteria. 

 So what's up with it?  we'll keep scoring on them!! beholding the hatred, but these spiritual warriors will fight back...

Now the thought and fashion police are mad at me!! my people were waiting in the dark but we brought the light back...

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