Sunday, January 24, 2016

WTF (What's That Foolishness) PT.3

 So what's really going on?  like the East Coast buried in snow the masses will be asking WTF?  no weather reports checked? they didn't act like they knew this!!

Some of them were cursing, but we know what the curse will bring!! the beast will brag and boast acting like they know per Donald Trump,  so we're asking what's that foolishness? 

Class is in session, beats will thump and the good word is dropped!!  the next school is in effect based on old and new school principles. 

We weren't stressing!!  we sat back and observed the scene!!  messes were made by old and new fools thinking they were invincible.
Proverbs 19:21 mentioned them!! oh they had plans but the council of the Lord will stand!! now they say WTF? passions lost can't be recovered at the lost and found.

Busters and Herbs took a loss like Cleveland Cavaliers who their new coach Tyronne Lue said  need to get in shape!! some felt like they were kicked to the curb!! it's as if the Lord asked What's That Foolishness? he was wondering how jokers were trying to get down!!

Plus, compassion is lost in space by jokers acting cavalier!! but this brotha is on the case, as I take it there!! I'm lost in the sound...

Underground  / underwater!! but not drinking water from Flint Michigan!! WTF?  check the shady dealing!!  check out how some get down!!

It's going down!! who's asking WTF? What's That Foolishness?  it's rough  out here in the mainstream of mathematics

Seeing some going around in circles like Billy Preston mentioned, they're  just a bunch of fanatics.

Back with this!! per presidential campaigns I'm seeing how jokers work those and these!! please!! even Michael Bloomberg wants to join the frey!  so how will a Louisville / Newburg brotha play? I'm out here multi-tasking.

I'm good word dropping and block rocking  after asking WTF? What's That Foolishness?  As I go there I'm not acting brand new with this!! I'm keeping a low profile, not limelight basking.

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