Thursday, January 28, 2016

Questionable Characters PT.2

It's going down, oh!!  business as usual,  so you know nobody's fair with this!!

That's how it is in love or war; now everybody is giving each other the side-eye emoji /  who's for or against us? 

One cries, they get emotional!! pain and anguish is the by product from dealing with these questionable characters. 

Broken beats and English?  thats how I conduct myself in a regime run by questionable characters.

Broken streets aka boulevards of broken dreams are all Atlanta!! all over the so called land of milk and honey. 

O-Zone is in these streets of Atlanta from Hamilton E Holmes to Boulevard  / to Candler Road in Decatur:  all up and down I-20. 

Understand a brotha, check the climate, it's similar to the Equator!!  no money on the Southside it's all on the Northside. 

Questionable characters conduct raids on jurisdictions in Africa and South America depleting them of their resources;  check out how they ride.

Questionable characters conduct will be aided / abetted / endorsed like Ethan Couch but for a limited time only like fast food commercials..

Questionable characters conduct will be aided / abetted / endorsed like Donald Trump skipping GOP debates because of battles with Megyn Kelly and Fox News; still able to work these and those...

Questionable characters conduct will make them have standoffs in Oregon; even Ammon Bundy told them to stand down... 

Questions answer themselves: my conduct was considered  standoffish because I kept a low profile, I wasn't the one!! breakbeat scientific? that's how this man will get down...

 Questionable characters? We Deal With Them By Getting Scientific / That's The Essence Of This Discipline!! Check This Out

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