Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hectic / Chaotic PT.5 (Recognize The Pattern)

 Nothing is new under the sun, just  check out the regular scheduled programming. 

Act like you knew!! life is hectic / chaotic!! just recognize the pattern!!  this dude is not pimping,  no need for the slow jamming. 

I'm just wrecking the system,  jamming frequencies like along the North and South Korea border!! I admit I was once parking lot pimping in the hooptie but security forces said I was out of  order.

 I wasn't wrecking the system like El Chapo,  though now they want to prosecute him across the border

Recognize the pattern bro!! life is hectic / chaotic!!  that's  what old schoolers told me back in the day, they told me conditions would be harsh so I govern myself accordingly. 

Lessons learned from the old schooler Abdullah concerning the heritage,  what the universal order should be. 

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