Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I Knew How They Would Act (So Diplomatic Immunity Was Exercised)

What's the deal? suicide bombers in Instabul Turkey? damn!! who'll work with me? I could see how they're gonna act......

What's the deal? who's acting a fool? please!! other jive turkeys wanted to construct an El Chapo Sean Penn style turnkey project... 

Get real!! whatcha trying do bro? that's what they're asking me!! please!! I'm out here dropping mathematics like David Bowie..

Get real!! whatcha trying do bro? that's what they're asking me!! please!! this was just a chain reaction to fanatics trying to act brand new with me!!

The chain of events were manipulated by the chain of command!! I could already see how they were going to act!!  this breakbeat scientist was able to pick up a gravitational wave signal,  so I'm like whatever!!

A hater circumvents like Tonya Couch hiding Ethan!!  so what's up? local, national, international and intergalactic is where a heathen was trying to be cunning and clever.

McGruff crime prevention types search the couch, that's where the pistol was!!  jokers were rolling like Oscar Pistorius!! ties? I had to sever / quitting while I'm ahead, or cut losses.

It's rough out here!! I'm trying to stop the bleeding!!  rocking the personna of a  Pastor / Preacher but also the friendly neighborhood dread down with the crime bosses.

No Crimson Tide beating Clemson coin tosses, but a bruh  never stopped seeding fertile soil in secret gardens.

Any clemency? please!! society never stopped impeding / never stopped hating!!  the system is not granting pardons.

Any clemency? inquiries were made for a diplomatic solution to all the problems: I handed them over to the Lord...

You feel me? please!! I know a fanatic / devil's advocate will cause confusion / problems!! I understand,  we were never on one accord.. 


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