Monday, January 11, 2016

Chilling / Healing : Once Again It's On!!

 Astrologers were fascinated by Saturday's New Moon in Capricorn, saying once again it's on..

Beat rockers like O-Dog let the music play per Barry White, plus word is born per O-Zone..

Beat rockers like David Bowie go home, after midnight comes morning after the mourning...

Searching for a buoy in these turbulent waters; searching for a safe harbor, haters are scorning...

We spanned the globe brainstorming, affected by global warming for excuse us for being a little out of sorts..

No Golden Globe Awarding after mothership boarding; still blue collar with it like a shipping clerk that sorts..

But rolling like Golden State Warriors in these sports!! *Let The Healing Process Begin*  one of my favorite catch phrases.

We're rocking!! Putting it down like the Isley Brothers, take me to the next phases.

Hustle knocking? oh yes!! while on intergalactic journeys lasers we're shot at me!!  in the hood? tasers were shot at me!! I had to abort missions: was it time to let go and explore other options?

Please!!  we're rocking!! 2016 is here we're in Transition!! O-Dog and O-Zone will proceed and continue!! we'll  keep rocking.

The hustle? I mentioned before some are knocking!!  no need for an El Chapo interview per Sean Penn!!  jokers didn't know we chilled in institutions of higher learning...

Meantal muscle was exercised!! knowledge was also gained in institutions of higher yearning.


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