Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Original Recipe

Word from this chef in soul's kitchen!! like Bernie Sanders running for president I was experimenting!!

Now I'm back to the original recipe like Colonel Sanders hoping I'm not corny like dude in the commercial, so who'll work with a bro? I'm  rebuking chefs in Hell's Kitchen.

I had work to do like Isley Brothers, who'll understand us as I get breakbeat scientific? 

I had work to do!!! these brothas aren't trying to be like the  Zika virus:  sick with it!

What's the prognosis?  analyze the information: it's  more mysterious than the X Files,  check the styles. 

Haters oppose this claiming its hazardous material!!  authorities check the files. 

Authorities check the files!!  jokers tried to trump up charges like it was Planned Parenthood.

Authorities check the styles;  some were boisterous like Donald Trump rebuked by Megyn Kelly!! what can haters tell me?  they'll bring the deliberate falsehood.

I stick to the original recipe / plan!  the good word and dirty breakbeats,  plus I carry the sword of truth in the midst of so many falsehoods. 

 I stick to the original recipe / plan!!  that's actually part of a bigger plan,  rebuking those acting false in these hoods. 

Inferior / substandard goods and services were delivered, due to the polar vortex some shivered; it's rough out there...

We stick to the original recipe when we bring these goods;  we know the sport is complex but we take it there...

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