Friday, January 15, 2016

Moving At A High Velocity (They Wanted To See Me Caught Up)

Knew it was a lie before it came out of a jokers mouth / before they opened it.

The response?  per Donald Trump vs Ted Cruz the bromance is over? please!! it's all game!  per Curtis Mayfield / Superfly I'm trying to get over!! now thoughts are selected at random, so what it do? Pandoras Box? they opened it.

The response? like a back in the day Caddie Fleetwood Brougham O-Dog rocks, I get open with it /  trying to get over the hump with it and it's not even the middle of the week!! 

Once again it's on!! this Captain's Log knocks the status quo, I didn't like how things flow, like the Golden State Warriors endorsed by Koby Bryant,  we'll have to start another streak... 

Out  here in the smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors the outlook was bleak!! Beholding a warrior out here in the daytime with a flashlight looking for it!! they were in haystacks looking for needles!!

O-Zone?  a Louisville / Newburg alumni that didn't believe the damn lie!! now I'm chilling  riding down I-20 in Atlanta still rocking Parliament's Flashlight!! plus I'm letting it be like Beatles.

Danger zone / next level dramatics occur from Dekalb County Georgia on over to Jakarta, but this dude knows how the street does!! this dude has to exercise caution.. 

What's really going on?  next level moves are made but check the mutiny on the bounty: why did they start with a brotha? a man makes plans and both God and the Devil are laughing!!

What's really going on? check this math we bring, check the rebuttal from a brotha like GOP response to Obama's State Of The Union address..

What's really going on? check this math we bring: word is born from a brotha they want to see caught up in some drama !! issues? we addresss

We're trying to stop the madness!! they want to see me caught up in some drama like Sean Penn and El Chapo!! in the hood copters fly low after the choppers blow!!

We're trying to stop the madness!! they want to see me caught up in some drama like I was Rahm Emanuel in Chicago...

Slow your roll bro!! that's what they told me!! but we keep moving at a high velocity with the speed you need..

Some can't catch what they can't understand after the lie was told, now they're on hold; true indeed!


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