Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hectic / Chaotic PT.3

 As we proceed and continue, what can I tell you? like the Obama State Of Union 2016 jokers need to fix the politics...

 As we proceed and continue, what can I tell you? drama? those that hate  are introducing  it to the masses!!  I couldn't *polly* with those tricks..

Not the Polly Nirvana kicks!! this is the response to that and this!! Molly has these tricks acting a fool!!

Others caught a trolley to nirvana, soon they became a suicide bomber, trying to blow up Turkey: Instabul..

Even down here in Dekalb County Georgia jokers are acting a fool!! Life is hectic!! I see *swats and narcs* rolling through in Chevy SUV's and Chevy Impalas... 

What's up with ya? that's what they asked this next school brotha: I told them life is chaotic, but we continue to rock it even though jokers get foul with us...

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