Monday, January 25, 2016

The Derailment

I beg your pardon!! what was I starting?  apologies are extended!  the test?  I failed it. 

Oh yes! The train of thought was rolling good for a while!! good words dropped and beats blended,  but soon their was a derailment. 

Oh yes! Pain was caught, we were roughed up!! we even tried to scale it!!  what?  the mountain. 

It was like that mountain goat!! My Moon In Capricorn aligns with Pluto, Mercury and Venus!!!  soon I was battling demons at the mountain. 

Being built or torn down per debatable circumstances?  corridors or chutes from my penis were  ejaculating semen:  soon the daughter of chaos was inpregnated. 

Now the offspring are like Team Umizoomi Troublemakers!! damn!!  soon Hunger Game peacekeepers hated.

The Capitol legislated!! damn!! thought and fashion police will enforce it!!  soon I was hated on Blogster and Facebook forums.

No capital!!  your dude is still broke!!  no mobster!! your not face to face with a crook like at the World Economic Forums.  

We *holla atcha*  / points?  were scoring like Carolina Panthers gaffling the Arizona Cardinals... 

It's all natural when we kick this!! my mind is tripping but some we're baffling, so who will understand this? some will try to start with these brothas!!

It wasn't natural as jokers tried to rob the train like it was the wild wild west!! they'll stress!! they'll contribute to the derailment...

The train of thought is up and running! the good word is dropped and we're still funky drumming! we're getting over the derailment...


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