Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Oh Yes!! Another HumpDay Extravagaza!! (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

It's going down!! the saga / struggle continues!! we're blessed to be able to bring another HumpDay Extravaganza!

It's going down!! the brand new funk and good word is dropped! breakbeat science is dropped in every stanza..

Still dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, no maps or a GPS needed I have a since of direction: I'm not trying to stray off course like American sailors in Iran...

Who will understand a brotha? I'm like Obama talking about fixing politics in the State of The Union address,  but what can another American tell us man?  

Who will understand a brotha? the drama has some caught up in the system / matrix with a behind the bars, electrical fence or a white picket fence address; coping strategies fail us man!!

 Oh Yes!! Another HumpDay Extravagaza!! how were we living? please!! a jive turkey will act a fool like suicide bombers in Turkey , Instabul; coping strategies fail us man!

How was a brotha trying to play? I'm like whatever, I stopped debating with them and those: it is what it is.

How was a brotha trying to play? I stay on point, organizations will dip like St Louis Rams moving back to LA!! knowing from the get go it would be like this!!! but I'm taking care  of business.

Knowing what the deal is!! some prayed to be anointed but it fell short!! back in the day?  due to pain and frustration I saw old dude up in Louisville  pull the brown liquor out.

These days?  due to pain and frustration over in Decatur Georgia little homie smoked cognac flavored blunts mixed with weed! now some  cause chaos and confusion in Dekalb County, going all out!!

These days?  due to pain and frustration I'm going all out!! what it do? I'm  putting messages in the songs.

These days? Oh Yes!! It's Another HumpDay Extravagaza!! The Saga / Struggle Continues!! Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position as we confront society's  wrongs.

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