Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I Wasn't On Schedule, But I'm Still A Step Ahead

I was off schedule, timing was off!!  but I'm still ahead in the game. 

My writing wasn't legible according to naysayers: like Cleveland Cavaliers losing to Golden State Warriors again,  they want to see my endeavors engulfed in flames

Jokers are corrupt in these games!!  they'll have you eating bad foods and drinking tainted water: you'll get sick with them...

....Like residents of Flint Michigan!! check how Rich Snyder types got slick with them. 

No benevolence!!  waters are polluted like the Flint River and South River down here in the Atlanta metro area. 

No benevolence!!  the truth was disputed by In Like Flint types while others believed ISIS hypes!!  soon they're over in Iraq and Syria. 

The devil is in the details,  check the recipe for the meal cooked in Hell's Kitchen.

Next level?  the train of thought derails but in 2016 we get it back together!! we  recognize  #OscarsSoWhite manuevers!!  curve balls, knuckleballs, and sliders a joker is pitching. 

Another joker is called themselves doing the right thing aka  snitching aka whistleblowing:  soon wondering why their life goes sideways. 

This inside joker wasn't on schedule,  but I'm still on time after chilling out in secret compounds /  hideaways. 

In a minute? Right On Time like Brothers Johnson, or maybe the Skrillex version? 

Dealing with it!!  I Wasn't On Schedule, But I'm Still A Step Ahead, I kept working..

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