Friday, January 22, 2016

Crossroads / Intersection PT.3 (I-20 Chronicle Relationships)

 Choices need to be made:  to the left, to the left / to the right , to the right / now slide, slide!! that's  per the Cha Cha Slide!!

Voices are heard during the charade:  it's like the terror attack at the hotel in Mogadishu as drama goes down to the left of me and to the right of me: where will the *Rah Rah Rah* people hide? 

What's the word on the curb / the word in the wind?  during the ongoing charade pimps / players were in their ride listening to *La La La La La*  means I love you by the Delfonics!!

I spotted them at the intersection of Candler Road and Glenwood Road over in Decatur: probably full of those herbs and tonics.. 

Otherwise? I'm still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta aka my information highway:  soon I reach the crossroads. 

I'm with the wise and otherwise they're *confoolish* like Stacy Dash!!  jokers do anything for the money / cash!!  but as I make the mad dash I'm  up in Buckhead  at a busy intersection like Peachtree and Piedmont!!  no writers block,  just information overloads

Rolling in like snowstorms from the Piedmont / Carolinas on up to the Northeast!!  I enlighten some about hustle knocks,  but graduates from the school of hard knocks *already know*

During the storms? *Adversity University*  graduates know about obstacles, setbacks and roadblocks!!  they know how the traffic will flow. 

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta? *Adversity Anniversaries*  were always there to remind me!!  setting off the Uranus Pluto Square I thought was over. 

Who'll work with me?  I wasn't like Donald Trump, loud and boisterous out in the town square!! stoned / hung in the town square like witches and warlocks in Salem? the game will be over..

I wasn't trying to draw attention at those intersections, smoking Salem Green Labels with a brown bag of brown liquor!!  thought and fashion police right tickets. 

I'm broke but I pay attention!! at the crossroads / intersection?  sonic assaults are unleashed,  check the fashion as I get breakbeat scientific. 

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