Monday, December 19, 2022

The I-85 Chronicles / Carolina Cruising: The Concept Combination (Part Two)

Check out these I-85 Chronicles!   Carolina Cruising up to Charlotte, why did jokers try to start it? damn!! the farm owner's Confederate flag greets me before I get to the Big Peach in Gaffney. 

Some haven't gotten over losing the Civil War, now considered MAGA Republicans, y'all should know what the math will be!

The woman at Family Dollar in Charlotte tried to build solidarity said she protested against that Confederate flag down in Columbia

But its all about a dollar at the end of the day, check Elon Musk and Jared Kushner dealings with agents of Saudi Arabia. 

Rolling through Charlotte down Tryon street past the skyscrapers the homeless were a couple of blocks away. 

Pulling up on Charlotte? Pittsburgh Steeler fans with the takeover waving the Terrible Towel as the Steelers beat the Panthers, yellow and gold scenery spotted blocks away!

Dude was even rocking the Pittsburgh Steelers jersey over at Ebenezer Baptist Church over on Sugar Creek Road. 

Reverend Lynch dropped science / the message now we'll go forth fortified in a supreme courage / maximum strength mode. 

Check us out as we get breakbeat scientific staying on code every now and then code switching when dealing with Babylonians. 

Check us out as we bring it back to the ATL after chilling in the CLT, it's on again!

Or as I always say once again it's on as I cross the border like Ray Charles with Georgia On My Mind.

 Knowing that it ain't nothing nice based on how they play my kind!

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