Saturday, December 03, 2022

Character And Passion (Part Four)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as your dude will broadcast live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta but at the moment your dude is waxing poetic.

As Saturday morning shifts into Saturday afternoon character and passion is exhibited as poetic justice is administered to those contributing to this life being hectic!

Don't you feel it? it's electric but reality disrespected, choices / decisions needed to be made;  between the shadows and me was a portal.

Asked myself; was it a setup that I was already wise to due Louisville / Newburg default settings / going through? was it an entrance to the abyss / wilderness? Go forth! do your thing young man exhibit character and passion! encouragement was received from that provocateur! He tried to say he found a cure like Ashford and Simpson he told us to keep it pimping but I didn't follow his advice, I figured out what the deal is!

Character And Passion is exhibited in my own way that's what the real is so like the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville told me I govern myself accordingly!

Now chilling out in Atlanta, ground zero for democracy per the Warnock- Walker senate race but we're on the case battling the devil and his advocates not recognizing where the border or boundaries will be!

Some see what the deal will be; out there in the wilderness? marks appeared before them along with strange footprints...

...that led to the apparatus or the machine with the blue color drained from it.

Character And Passion is absent the morale is low among my constituents they're feeling blue even during this holiday season! blue marks even led to the shore; Brotha O knew the score so I'm sure this is what a curse will do!

Character And Passion is absent! the arch nemesis is on the premises the atmosphere is polluted even the water; whats that? I never saw a fish so blue!

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