Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Character And Passion (Part Six)

 We're trying to get over the hump!  the usual business handled per this HumpDay Extravaganza!

Trying to get over that hump like Clayton County put Rev. Raphael Warnock over in the Senate race against Herschel Walker down here in Georgia; somebody will understand a brotha.. character and passion are shown; Brotha O is focused but not a firebrand energized by the ongoing firestorm. 

Brotha O is trying to chill while some like the reign / rain / thunder and fire, oh yes! to them it's the norm. 

Listening to Fire by the Ohio Players though its not Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday even though they're  haunted by memories of old, those burned bridges?

A stubborn character and a passion is exhibited enhanced by this Full Moon in Gemini but they're still haunted by the Sagittarius new moon; dealing with old shadows? yes, he acknowledges. 

A stubborn character and a passion has him shadow boxing clashing with nefarious ones the arch nemesis on the premises!

An unwilling character  / participant in a reality show that's not televised like Gil Scott Heron said the revolution wouldn't be? now skipping town like Scott Satterfield leaving Louisville, abandoning the premises!

Even the daughter of chaos is showing character and passion, she's exhibiting a touch of twisted class.

Another character in the ongoing reality show with sorrows untold, more than likely from a sordid past. Running from the past but tomorrows won't last; like protest chants from 2020 and 2021 concerning Ahmaud Arbery / George Floyd and Breonna Taylor its no justice no peace! my people? they ponder too many issues. Guns blast from Ukraine to Palestinian lands and from Louisville to Atlanta it's a prime example of when drama is vexing you.

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