Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cost Overruns PT.2 (But They Usually Weren't Checking For Us)

As I mentioned earlier they weren't checking for me,  sometimes that could be a good thing. 

Paid attention, actually? I overpaid, now check out the cost overruns!! domains or spectrums were  diverse:  corporate / religious /  government,  but at the end of the day?  it's still a hood thing. 

Paying dues, paid the cost to be the boss, now check out the cost overruns!! now jokers *holla at us*  that weren't usually checking for us,  unless they're ready to jack us up.

Defense mechanisms are enhanced, jokers will get accosted with the drums like linebackers blitzing the quarterback,  ready to rack him up!!

Gamblers out for a fast buck stack them up!! what?  the chips!!  I mentioned you'll get played.

 Ramblers off at the mouth aka whistleblowers told!!  those chips will fall where they may, I mentioned you'll get played

Gatekeepers holler May Day!! May Day!! after jokers swerved /  strayed into oncoming traffic,  the outcome is tragic. 

Hunger Games Peacekeepers followed directions from the Capitol:  the outcome is tragic. 

Hunger and thirst in the game has me creeping,  soon having cost overruns!!  it led to chilling out in the Capitol per the DMV Showcase!! back in Atlanta?  I pull out the drums, it's magic but who's checking for me?

Hunger and thirst in the game has a spiritual being living a natural life, trying to get free from the toil and strife!! on to Plan B, no Plan Z moves like Eulalio Tordil terrorizing the DMV...

As I mentioned, cost overruns made me pull out the drums!! now it's a sonic smash and grab!! they usually weren't checking for us but  some say it's not natural :    but what did they know? 

Paid attention / cashing out: crashing out with this product from the lab?  please?  what did they know?

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