Monday, May 23, 2016

Outback Chronicles (Technical Difficulties)

 Check out these Outback Chronicles!! I was outback trimmimg trees and  cutting grass with a bootleg lawn mower I bought for $99 at Wal Mart: damn!!  now it doesn't want to start...

What's up with these / those  high / low technical difficulties? materials built by those cutting class? now catching up with Game of Thrones from the start?

Climbing Mount Everest ill equipped to handle danger zone business? Naysayers laugh at you! What did you know? Abilities questioned, more math to do?

An Everest College graduate dealing with  high / low technical difficulties? damn!! now we question our abilities, like Donald Trump vs Bill Clinton we act like we knew...

Malfunction at the junction! glitches in the matrix! all my grass won't get cut plus Draymond Green's not suspended for kicking it..

What it do? we drop funk son after being caught up in the system / matrix!! breakbeat science? we're kicking it!!

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