Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Crossroads / Intersection PT.4 (The Turning Point)

We rolled up on the intersection / turning point: It's almost like Bone Thugs and Harmony meet me at Tha Crossroads. 

*They missed Uncle Charles y'all*  but I'm not checking out,  O-Zone is not on drugs y'all,  but I harmonized and fraternized with the  El Chapo type drug overlords. 

...That's per Louisville / Newburg days!! no information overloads  but I was urged to find new ways by thugs with weapons in there wasteband. 

What's the deal?  cruising down memory lane per Minnie Riperton!!  from the Westside of the ATL to Louisville!!  old spots are now urban barren wasteland. 

The deal?  I cut and paste or drag and drop my way through the construction / corruption site.

The deal? I didn't waste time at TSA check points at the airport!! I'm at the crossroads / intersection or turning point  rocking a Kangol,  Louisville Cardinal hat or a hard hat!!  going hard for that son,  but *Babylon ain't right* 

The deal? I didn't waste time I'm rocking it through Babylon!! ranging from 82nd and International Boulevard in Oakland to Independence Avenue in Washington trying to get it right. 

At the crossroads / intersection / turning point  on the boulevard of broken dreams and dependence avenue where the system will unravel you? I travel through the universe, dropping this insight.

Different modes were perfected after imperfections were accented, like Donald Trump and his treatment of women.. 

Different  modes / codes were perfected from DJ mixes to #micropoetry, act like you know me!! but the daughter of chaos wants me to share my semen...

...From the ATL to ISIS in Yemen it's easy to take a loss, check the crisis at the crossroads / intersection: the turning point...  

Failsafe mechanisms enlighten us to the task at hand, as we cut the corner on jokers!! we found out we weren't the ones they'll anoint...

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