Monday, May 23, 2016

Marinating / Laying In The Cut PT..4 (Playing My Position)

Word on the curb / #MondayMotivation? these days, I'm not playing around with the corrupt I'm staying in my lane / I'm playing my position. 

You heard? I'm marinating / laying in the cut, plus I'm praying!!  trying to maintain out here in Babylon,  or trying to improve my condition. 

Not drop kicking like Draymond Green!! I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in,  per Kenny Rogers

The Lord?  I'm petitioning, but in the meantime and between I'm like Vietnam war draft dodgers.

Laying in the cut, rocking a LA Dodger hat in the ATL drawing stares! it's like the Game of Thrones while ducking and dodging wannabe authority figures. 

....Dipping and diving down I-20 in the #ATLtraffic amongst wannabe macks and divas. 

Slipping down rabbit holes with underachievers?  please!!  the system stacks the cards in the game. 

Gamblers are out for a fast buck while believers get caught up in the system / matrix  / game. 

*Ramblers off at the mouth*  pass the blame!!  now alphabet boys kick down the front door. 

Meanwhile I'm marinating / laying in the cut /  playing  my position: like Golden State Warriors,  eventually I'll score. 

But like the OKC Thunder we refuse to go under,  we're hanging in there like Bernie Sanders..

Marinating / laying in the cut /  playing  my position soon winning: somebody might understand us..

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