Monday, May 16, 2016

Cost Overruns PT.3 (Rejection Notices)

It's going down!! I was paying the cost to be the boss!! now rejection notices were received due to cost overruns. 

It's going down, you can quote this!! in this section?  the devil and his advocates will get accosted by the drums

...Plus per these quotes;  2016 Presidential election? a brotha votes for Eric B for president

....Votes for Clinton  / Sanders and Trump will just follow a precedent. 

Its evident!!  Clintonomic proteges and perpetrators of  bully pulpit or stump behaviors enslave us. 

It's evident!!  O-Dizzle is rocking it, he wasn't perpetrating!! he'll put it down!!  the epitome of what a beat slave is. 

Misbehaving with this?  what's the dizzle? corporations and their agents are *hustle knocking it* / now cost overruns have a brotha caught out there. 

Mars retrograde in Sagittarius had some acting nefarious!!  soon they're caught out there. 

Saturn was rolling in Sagittarius too, so act like you knew per the flagrant agent's  stern blurt. 

Due to cost overruns various ways and means were executed for bruising and battering egos!! somebody will get hurt. 

Paying the cost for being the boss? a joker guns like Russell Westbrook with the OKC Thunder... 

Due to rejection notices? we're praying after the lost while jokers who were preying front and floss after the caper / hustle!! but reality stressed a crook, soon he'll go under..

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