Saturday, May 28, 2016

How Did We Move?

 How did we move? inquiring minds wanted to know, like these were Hillary Clinton emails....

How did we move? basically minding and tending but O-Zone is facing opposition; the devil and his advocates were hoping he would fail...

I can see how they move, some made threats like Vladimir Putin but I'm not mad at them!!  actually it's one world  / one love!! some are trying to expand their horizons.

I can see how they move!! the truth? some are disputing!!  now that the strike is over they're setting up networks like Verizon's.

On another front?  reality is surprising some!!  like the Zika Virus they didn't know it had a bite to it.

Priority?  Rio Olympics threatened? we get with them,  freeing them  with the drum....freedom? they didn't know they had a right to it.

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