Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Holding Pattern PT.2 (DMV Showcase Edition)

 A Hillary Clinton super predator?  naw dude!!  I'm just a breakbeat scientist.

George Clinton type!! super metaphor?  I was in a Delta jet in a holding pattern over Reagan National airport;  damn!!  so it's like this? 

I continue to fight this spiritual warfare:  from back in the day Olds Delta 88 moves in Louisville to I-20 in Atlanta moves, dipping in the old school Toyota Camry. 

...The *go to*  vehicle for immigrants:  due to the hate?  damned if we did or didn't!!  now I'm out on I-95 in the DMV area trying to deal with it!!  check out this showcase,  somebody might understand me. 

Who's real with it per Donald Trump vs Paul Ryan?  Pops mentioned somebody's lying. 

Who's real with it? oh!! they're  hanging in there like Bernie Sanders but who'll understand us per protests at Capitol Hill?  my people keep trying!! 

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