Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cost Overruns PT.4 (The Sport Is Complex)

Charge it to the game and not the player? now we have cost overruns,  check out what the sport did to us!

Still casting blame? players were kicking it like Draymond Green! soon they'll get accosted by the drums, so who's for or against us? 

 Profane and idle babbling per 2 Timothy 2:16? naw kid!! after observing the scene we're kicking breakbeat science, we're rocking it...

Somewhat sane, dabbling in poetry /  when riding the storm per the rocking it! 

Dabbing? Naw kid! cost overruns have us out here dealing with gamblers out for a fast buck  as they deal bad hands,  like Wells Fargo and the mortgage crisis wanting to see a bad deal close.

...Just scramblers in these badlands trying to survive!!  quarterbacking like Mike Vick or Randall Cunningham, still knowing the devil will oppose.

...Ramblers off at the mouth like Donald Trump occupy the bully pulpit / stump in the town square!! it's electric like Thomas Edison.

Don't you feel it? it's electric!! now fires are set like the Ohio Players.... disco infernos? I see some cha cha slide!!  it's on!! once again.

Don't you feel it? oh yes!! I'm paying the cost to be the boss but it led to cost overruns!! but I'm seeing how the *rah rah slide* ... it's on!! once again!!  as they play the Hollywood role.

Nah Nah Nah!!!.....don't blame me said Bill Cosby!! the elder states everything has to balance, it's universal law aka God's will: you should know how he'll roll!!

The sport is complex, charge it to the game and not the player? please!! I the heard the blah / blah / blah from these ATL macks and divas!!! flowing down the stream of consciousness here in Atlanta? I see others rolled out of their jurisdiction.

The sport is complex, charge it to the game and not the player? please!! paying the cost to be the boss led to cost overruns, but jokers didn't recognize the Spiritual Significance in this operation.

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