Monday, May 09, 2016

DMV Showcase (Monday Morning Recap)

Check out this Monday morning recap!! DMV Showcases per Delta jet excursions to Reagan National airport took place. 

The deal?  like Nyquist at the Kentucky Derby, fast or slow in the race?  Delta Force type strength exhibited, looking a crook in the face!

Back in the day? listening to Phife Dawg and Tribe Called Quest,  rolling down I-65 in Louisville in the Olds Delta 88!!  these days?  banned from Facebook!!  face to face with a crook?  naw dude!!  there's spiritual significance in this operation

Per this DMV Showcase?  I was rolling down I-95 in a Crown Victoria from the Lincoln Cab company; the taxi driver hipped me to how the DMV is operating.

 Slow in the race?  stay with me!!  Washington, Lincoln, and MLK memorials were visited here in the DMV.

Slow in the race?  stay with me!! I know it's Monday morning and some are walking back to work but I'm not talking about the Department of Motor Vehicle licensing!! it's the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland!! that's what the deal will be. 

Who's on the case? walking back statements,  talking about starting it like Paul Ryan not supporting Donald Trump? 

Who's starting it like Bernie Sanders?  seeds planted for contested conventions on both sides?  it'll be hard to get over the hump.

...Just like it is in the DMV: constituents were sweated due to McGruff crime prevention!! security heightens!! oh!! I see shiny office buildings and old school government buildings. 

I knew the deally!!  I could see it in my constituents face!!  to temptation?  some are  yielding. 

I knew the deally!!  it burns like the monster inferno in Fort McMurray up in Alberta, check the huge ball of fire!! meanwhile the Temptations mentioned ball of confusion,  it's like that from sands of the Mideast to the ATL to the DMV.

Some will flip out like a Money Monster!! this is no joke per Fred MacMurray!! this is the Monday morning recap of the DMV Showcase!!  actually?  local, national, international and intergalactic is where the drama will be. 

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