Thursday, May 26, 2016

Adding My Two Cents PT. 2

 It's going down!! my back is against the wall like Golden State Warriors, it's time for me to unleash Sonic Assaults..

It's going down!! it's ugly, some claim their beholding beauty: who's for or against us? beats are dropped plus Google adsense pays pennies for my thoughts....

Tried listening  to Donald Trump at the rally in Anahiem!! oh!! I heard the chit chat / the belligerence!!  delegates on standby? I guess it doesn't make any difference

Meanwhile? I'm trying to get over the hump / going for mine!! digging in my pockets? I pulled out the lint!!  I also pulled out two cents.

Check the style!! *It's like this and like that*  whistleblowers leak the information, now we deal with a X Men: Apocalypse

....Or maybe a  Free State of Jones or maybe the remake of Roots, Hollywood in cahoots, so what's up with me? economy is bad, but making sure I keep two cents...

Heard this and that, meanwhile O-Zone listened to the Roots while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, there's no ecological ignorance!!  fate altered because a hater circumvents? 

Heard this and that, now I do battle with internal and external forces that made me contemplate reality divorces: it's like #StayWokeBET when a Judge Judy type circumvents...

Will this Sonic Assault offensive prevent the other team from scoring? now running the clock out.

The offensive line is obese!!! heavyweight champions? I doubt it ...needing to work out...meanwhile O-Dog will rock out.

Trying to block out like OKC Thunder but hometown calls from Golden State referees at the Oracle off of I-80 in Oakland prevent me from getting open..

Gatekeepers lock me out so I'll go under but I'm trying to get over adding my two cents: after haters were asking me *whatcha knowin?*

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